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About us

Our methodology

We have been around the Marketing Automation and Martech space for over 10 years. In fact we were the first organisation in Europe to be created by Marketers specifically with Marketing Automation and email marketing in mind. Today we have skills and capability in Marketing Cloud and Marketing Automation that simply do not exist anywhere else.

Our pedigree

We were Marketo’s first International Partner of the Year and we are recognised by theIDM, B2B marketing and Forrester Research as the go-to consultancy for Marketing Automation in Europe. We helped launch two of the leading Marketing Automation brands in Europe and we have even consulted into some of the leading Business Schools and Consulting firms in Europe.

As a business, the CleverTouch clients are mainly blue-chip, Paypal, London Stock Exchange, Fujitsu and VMWare, pushing the boundaries of enterprise capability and thinking around their platforms investment and building technology apps and tools where gaps in functionality, simplicity or productivity exist.

In short no one can exploit the Marketing Technology platforms like CleverTouch. All our employees are fully employed, all have a stake in the business and we never contract services out of staff in.

Our brand purpose

At CleverTouch our brand purpose is 'to inspire our Customers to deliver better customer centric marketing and real MROI through their MarTech investment.' As part of this purpose we have invested in and grown our MA experts and recruited with the purpose of building a team of world class developers around the Martech space, creating beautiful software to help our clients optimise their marketing technology investment.

Identifying the pain points

Many of our applications started as problems clients were facing. For example building a data warehouse for MA for a leading publisher or building a simple offline event and data capture app for a leading software house. Our applications usually start with a pain point, so what is a pain point for you today, might well be a solution in-waiting or it might exist already.

We also develop some of our own apps for our own personal productivity as we do this so that we can deliver on our quality@scale message. We can in fact deliver multi-touch, multi-language campaigns at a fraction of the cost of any outsourcer can deliver natively. So why not explore our ip here too?

Playing the long game at a fair price

First and foremost we are a services business, with no debt and we are profitable too. This means we don’t have to charge exorbitant rates for software to ensure the VC’s receive a big whack back for their investment. We are marketers not loan sharks.

So when it comes to our own SAAS software pricing we aim to play the long game. We offer amazing software at a fair price. We want to be to Marketing Tech software what Virgin was to Airlines or Harrys was to shaving, refreshingly honest and at a fair price.

We fully expect our own SAAS (software and a services) offerings to be a significant chunk of our revenues in the future. So why not take a look and see what we have to offer, or if you cant see it, perhaps we can create it with you in mind.