Asset Creation Made Easy For The Enterprise

Enabling anyone to build on brand emails and
landing pages in minutes

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Quickly build on-brand emails and pages with no extra training
No coding skills required. Our intuitive, class-leading editor lets you and your team jump straight in.
Easily integrate Momentum into your Marketo workflow
Leverage Momentum's advanced build process, brand governance & approval workflow all while automatically building to the Marketo design studio.
Easily review and approve your team's emails and pages
From one central location, you can easily review, approve or request amends to all email and page builds.

Complex Platforms, Simplified

exact target marketing cloud

Don't be left behind, Simplify your martech stack

Amazon, YouTube, Google and others are doing it, why aren't you?


Remove your marketing risk by adopting simplification technology


Training on momentum takes just 5 minutes, it's that simple


Maintain local campaign relevance at a global scale with simplification


Impress the C-suite with extreme adoption of MA and marketing unification.

The Features

Making Email and Pages Easier for Everyone

Powerful editor
  • The editor allows you the flexibility to easily create fully responsive, brand aligned emails and pages
  • Templates are context aware ensuring the editing experience is as intuitive as possible
  • See updates made to templates in realtime, for a much faster build process
Simplifying the amends process
  • Highlight amends directly on the email and page, as if you were using pen and paper
  • Collaborate on amends with a fully integrated commentary system
  • See any outstanding amends as a simple checklist on each build
Systemised approvals process
  • Enable best practice control by making sure each asset is approved ahead of launch
  • Momentum will automatically build your approved emails and pages in MA ready to launch
  • Every email and page should be on brand, using your colours, your fonts and your templates
Work in teams that suit you
  • A team in your organisation can be a team in Momentum, don't change how people work!
  • Teams can have their own templates, or share templates with other teams
  • Only the people you trust will be able to approve emails and pages, these people are called Team Captains
Why Momentum?
Empowers field marketers, whilst maintaining quality and control
Enables rapid MA adoption and lowers the barriers of email marketing
Drives key stakeholder satisfaction and efficiencies all at the same time
Saves time on email and page creation and the end-to-end approvals process
A collaborative platform for visibility and control
Maintain brand control by managing templates in a single platform
"Momentum has enabled us to scale to 40 countries and 200 marketers in a matter of weeks"
Tim Creak, Fujitsu
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By entering your details above you agree to be contacted via email and phone
Thank you for your interest, we will be in contact shortly!