Unshackle your marketing

Enable teams to build on brand, best practice marketing assets leveraging the best of the technologies that you already use.

Asset Editor

Take control with bespoke templates that enable you to choose what marketers can edit

Limit colors, character counts, content types and much more whilst providing your team unparalleled flexibility to build the content they desire.

Empower your team with simplified tools: seamlessly utilize personalization, form embedding, and dynamic content directly in our editor. Streamline workflow and reduce post-asset-build effort.


Experience market leading integrations with marketing automation systems.

Support the creation of your email and landing pages, integrating with snippets, dynamic content, personalization, tokens, campaigns, programs, custom redirects, layout templates and much more.

Each team can customize their integration further to suit their specific requirements. Connect with the same system in distinct ways or seamlessly integrate with a different platform entirely.


Seamlessly set up and configure email & landing page campaigns within Momentum

Simplify your workflow by managing all elements of your campaigns in one place.

Empower your team with Campaign Playbooks that foster strategic thinking beyond batch and blast. Expand your marketing horizons and achieve targeted, impactful campaigns.

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage ContentAIā„¢ to build world-class marketing content.

Explore new dimensions of creativity and empower your teams with ContentAI's comprehensive support for asset creation. ContentAI: Rewrite enables you to shape your content using dedicated Personas custom-tailored for your teams.

Experience the remarkable efficiency that ContentAI users enjoy, producing marketing assets up to three times faster. Streamline your workflow and expedite content creation effortlessly with ContentAI at your service.

Approvals & Amendments

Featuring a powerful amendment & approval workflow process

Whether you have a complex approvals workflow or none at all, Momentum's default and configurable approval process ensures everyone is in the loop before communications go out the door.

End the document ping-pong: say goodbye to missed amends and low-quality assets. With Momentum's amends process, easily identify and locate edits on emails with a simple click.

Teams & Organization

Structure Momentum to fit your needs

Regionally, by product, brand, or any combination. Our highly flexible teams system supports all marketing teams, ensuring seamless collaboration and efficient workflows.

Tailor teams to suit you, configure brand colors, assign members and captains, customize templates, sender profiles, and even integrate with different systems.

"Momentum is a beautifully built platform that drives simplicity throughout our Marketo processes. We have over 70 users across the business that rely on Momentum to support email and landing page execution."

Robert Nicholson

Head of Digital

Robert Walters

Elevate your Martech stack

Leverage Momentum to expand on your Martech stack, empower your teams and bring more controls, capability and creativity to your marketers.

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