Asset Creation Made Easy For The Enterprise


Our simple pricing structure

We know that not all teams are equal, so we want to make Momentum as flexible as possible for you.
Our base package starts at 25 users so that you can spin up your team really quickly and effectively. Then we give you the flexibility to add extra users as your teams grow.

At CleverTouch we strive to make the marketeers we work with successful. We do this through best practice consultancy, but also cutting edge software. Momentum spawned from a clients need to rapidly on-board their enterprise on to marketing automation to bring all of the disparate teams together in to a single platform, so that reporting was standardised, accelerating the ROI of MA.

Our dedicated development team, the DevLab, are continually working on making Momentum the best in class platform for rapid on-boarding & adoption, whilst standardising and simplifying the marketeers asset creation needs in to a single platform.


Get your team spun up, and then add more users whenever you need them

The Package
  • Unlimited Teams
  • Starting from 25 users
  • Class-leading email editor
  • Integrated chat system
  • Centralised approvals and amends
  • Integration with your MA platform
  • Training session with our experts
  • Online product support
"Momentum has enabled us to scale to 40 countries and 200 marketers in a matter of weeks"
Tim Creek, Fujitsu